RegistrationAircraft TypeMSNEnginesConfigurationQANTAS DeliveryNameLivery
VH-EBAA330-2005082 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/243Y Wifi05/12/2002Cradle MountainQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBBA330-2005222 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/243Y Wifi23/12/2012AlbanyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBCA330-2005062 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/243Y Wifi12/03/2003Surfers ParadiseQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBDA330-2005132 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/243Y Wifi21/04/2003TraralgonQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBEA330-2008422 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y Wifi28/10/2015Kangaroo ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBFA330-2005832 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y Wifi26/08/2015King ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBGA330-2008872 x GE CF6-80E1A436J/199Y14/12/2007Barossa ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBJA330-2009402 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y Wifi08/06/2008Margaret RiverQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBKA330-2009452 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y Wifi05/08/2008Savannah WayQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBLA330-2009452 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y Wifi12/12/2008WhitsundaysQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBMA330-20010652 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y AVOD24/11/2009Tamar ValleyQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-EBNA330-20010942 x GE CF6-80E1A428J/243Y AVOD24/02/2010Clare ValleyQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-EBOA330-20011692 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y16/11/2010KimberleyQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-EBPA330-20011742 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y15/12/2010Ningaloo ReefQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-EBQA330-20011982 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y15/01/2014Wolgan ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBRA330-20012512 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y18/02/2014Lockyer ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBSA330-20012582 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y28/04/2013Swan ValleyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-EBVA330-20013652 x GE CF6-80E1A427J/228Y23/11/2012Kangaroo IslandQANTAS New 'Roo/OneWorld (2007)
VH-EFRB767-300ER335102 x GE CF6-80C2B6Freighter01/10/2011 QANTAS Freight
VH-LQBDash 8-Q40043432 x PWC PW150A74Y22/01/2011Swan HillQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-LQDDash 8-Q40043712 x PWC PW150A74Y23/07/2011SunburyQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-LQFDash 8-Q40043752 x PWC PW150A74Y01/08/2011KatoombaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-LQGDash 8-Q40043762 x PWC PW150A74Y26/07/2011Town of ExmouthQANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-LQHDash 8-Q40044312 x PWC PW150A74Y05/02/2013KingscoteQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-LQJDash 8-Q40044142 x PWC PW150A74Y03/08/2012 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-LQKDash 8-Q40044152 x PWC PW150A74Y08/08/2012 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-LQLDash 8-Q40044492 x PWC PW150A74Y13/09/13JindabyneQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-LQMDash 8-Q40044502 x PWC PW150A74Y25/09/13 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-LQQDash 8-Q40044612 x PWC PW150A74Y04/08/2014Darling DownsQANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHAFokker 100114902 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015Port HedlandQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHCFokker 100114812 x RR Tay 650-15100Y18/08/2015PilbaraQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHFFokker 100114582 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015Lindsay EvansQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHGFokker 100115142 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHIFokker 100114792 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHJFokker 100114642 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHKFokker 100114652 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHMFokker 100114492 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHNFokker 100114692 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHOFokker 100113122 x RR Tay 650-15100Y (B)31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHPFokker 100113992 x RR Tay 650-15100Y (B)31/07/2015ParaburdooQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHQFokker 100115062 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015KarrathaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHVFokker 100114822 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NHYFokker 100114672 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015Swan ValleyQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-NHZFokker 100115152 x RR Tay 650-15100Y26/09/2016 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NPUFokker 100115022 x RR Tay 650-15100Y26/10/2016 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NQEFokker 100114572 x RR Tay 650-15100Y31/07/2015 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXDB717-200550622 x BMW RR BR715125Y23/05/2001Berowra Valley National ParkQANTASLink Silver Roo (2016)
VH-NXEB717-200550632 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y23/05/2001 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXGB717-200550572 x BMW RR BR715125Y23/05/2001 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXHB717-200550552 x BMW RR BR715125Y23/05/2001 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXIB717-200550542 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y23/05/2001 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXJB717-200551662 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y11/05/2012 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXKB717-200550922 x BMW RR BR715125Y10/05/2002Eucla National ParkQANTASLink Silver Roo (2016)
VH-NXLB717-200550932 x BMW RR BR715125Y10/05/2002 QANTASLink Silver Roo (2016)
VH-NXMB717-200550942 x BMW RR BR715125Y20/05/2002 QANTASLink 1984
VH-NXNB717-200550952 x BMW RR BR715125Y30/04/2002 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXOB717-200550962 x BMW RR BR715125Y30/04/2002 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-NXQB717-200550972 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y30/04/2002 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-NXRB717-200551682 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y10/04/2012 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-OEEB747-400ER329094 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y06/12/2002NullaborQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OEFB747-400ER329104 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y31/10/2002SydneyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007) / OneWorld
VH-OEGB747-400ER329114 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y21/12/2002ParkesQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OEHB747-400ER329124 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y09/02/2003Hervey BayQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OEIB747-400ER329134 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y26/06/2003CedunaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OEJB747-400ER329144 X GE CF6-80C2B5F58J/36W/270Y31/07/2003WunalaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OJUB747-400255664 x RR RB211-524G/H-T58J/36W/270Y24/01/2000Lord Howe IslandQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OQAA380-800144 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y19/09/2008Nancy-Bird WaltonQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQBA380-800154 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y15/12/2008Hudson FyshQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQCA380-800224 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y27/12/2008Paul McGuinessQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQDA380-800264 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y22/08/2009Fergus McMasterQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQEA380-800274 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y19/12/2009Lawrence HargraveQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OQFA380-800294 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y12/01/2010Charles Kingsford SmithQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQGA380-800474 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y16/12/2010Charles UlmQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQHA380-800504 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y01/02/2011Reginald AnsettQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OQIA380-800554 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y14/01/2011David WarrenQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-OQJA380-800624 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y04/04/2011Bert HinklerQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQKA380-800634 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y26/11/2011John and Reginald DuiganQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-OQLA380-800744 x RR Trent 97214F/64J/35W/371Y16/12/2011Phyllis ArnottQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOADash 8-Q40041122 x PWC PW150A74Y09/01/2006GladstoneQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOBDash 8-Q40041162 x PWC PW150A74Y31/01/2006YeppoonQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOCDash 8-Q40041172 x PWC PW150A74Y08/03/2006MackayQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QODDash 8-Q40041232 x PWC PW150A74Y22/05/2006EmeraldQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOEDash 8-Q40041252 x PWC PW150A74Y26/06/2006AlburyQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOFDash 8-Q40041282 x PWC PW150A74Y07/08/2006Byron BayQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOHDash 8-Q40041322 x PWC PW150A74Y11/10/2006ForsterQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOIDash 8-Q40041892 x PWC PW150A74Y08/02/2008TamworthQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOJDash 8-Q40041922 x PWC PW150A74Y14/02/2008RiverinaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOKDash 8-Q40042152 x PWC PW150A74Y14/08/2008LismoreQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOMDash 8-Q40042172 x PWC PW150A74Y13/09/2008MaitlandQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QONDash 8-Q40042182 x PWC PW150A74Y25/09/2008OrangeQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOPDash 8-Q40042382 x PWC PW150A74Y03/02/2009HamiltonQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QORDash 8-Q40042412 x PWC PW150A74Y24/02/2009Eyre PeninsularQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOSDash 8-Q40042632 x PWC PW150A74Y24/07/2009MilduraQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOTDash 8-Q40042692 x PWC PW150A74Y11/09/2009ParramattaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOUDash 8-Q40042752 x PWC PW150A74Y01/12/2009Port CampbellQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOVDash 8-Q40042772 x PWC PW150A74Y11/12/2009BallaratQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOWDash 8-Q40042852 x PWC PW150A74Y29/12/2009MorningtonQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOXDash 8-Q40042872 x PWC PW150A74Y08/01/2010Cradle CoastQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QOYDash 8-Q40042882 x PWC PW150A74Y20/01/2010Port AugustaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QPAA330-3005532 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y28/11/2003KununnurraQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPBA330-3005582 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y13/12/2003Tennant CreekQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPCA330-3005642 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y23/01/2004Broken HillQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPDA330-3005742 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y28/10/2004Port MacquarieQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPEA330-3005932 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y28/06/2004Port LincolnQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPFA330-3005952 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y21/06/2004EsperenceQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPGA330-3006032 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y25/07/2004Mt GambierQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-QPHA330-3006952 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y14/10/2005NoosaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QPIA330-3007052 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y27/10/2005CairnsQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-QPJA330-3007122 x GE CF6-80E1A228J/269Y20/12/2005Port StephensQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBBDash 8-3005392 x PWC PW12350Y27/01/2009ArmidaleQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBGDash 8-3005752 x PWC PW123E50Y18/01/2011KiamaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBJDash 8-3005782 x PWC PW123E50Y01/05/2009GriffithQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBTDash 8-3005802 x PWC PW123E50Y21/05/2009RockhamptonQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBVDash 8-3005952 x PWC PW123E50Y18/01/2011DevonportQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SBWDash 8-3005992 x PWC PW123E50Y13/07/2009GoulburnQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-SCEDash 8-3006022 x PWC PW123E50Y01/06/2006BirdsvilleQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQEDash 8-3005962 x PWC PW123E50Y21/07/2003LauncestonQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQGDash 8-2004302 x PWC PW123C36Y24/02/1996Pixie RourkeQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQHDash 8-3005972 x PWC PW123E50Y07/08/2003DubboQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQSDash 8-2004182 x PWC PW123C36Y27/03/1998 QANTASLink New 'Roo (2007)
VH-TQXDash 8-2004392 x PWC PW123C36Y29/03/2000Lord Howe SilvereyeQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQYDash 8-3005522 x PWC PW123E50Y28/09/2000RomaQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-TQZDash 8-3005552 x PWC PW123E50Y22/11/2000BundabergQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VQSA320-20025152 x IAE V2527-A5180Y24/02/2018Kangaroo PawQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VQUA320-20024552 x IAE V2527-A5180Y01/04/2018River Red GumQANTASLink Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXAB737-800295512 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi14/01/2002BroomeQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXBB737-800301012 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi16/01/2002YananyiQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXCB737-800308972 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi23/01/2002GippslandQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXDB737-800295522 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi07/02/2002TenterfieldQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXEB737-800308992 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi19/02/2002Coffs HarbourQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXFB737-800295532 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi27/03/2002Sunshine CoastQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXGB737-800309012 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi03/04/2002Port DouglasQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXHB737-800334782 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi21/05/2002WarnamboolQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXIB737-800334792 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi28/05/2002OodnadattaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXJB737-800334802 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi21/06/2002Coober PedyQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXKB737-800334812 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi25/06/2002KatherineQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXLB737-800334822 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi11/07/2002CharlevilleQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXMB737-800334832 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi15/07/2002Mount HothamQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXNB737-800334842 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi24/07/2002FremantleQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXOB737-800334852 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi26/07/2002KakaduQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXPB737-800337222 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi28/05/2003LoganQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VXQB737-800337232 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi13/06/2003RedlandsRetroRoo II
VH-VXRB737-800337242 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi20/06/2003SheppartonQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXSB737-800337252 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi22/07/2003St HelensQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXTB737-800337602 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi24/11/2003TownsvilleQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VXUB737-800337612 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi11/12/2003WollongongQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VYAB737-800337622 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi08/07/2004NaroomaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VYBB737-800337632 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi13/07/2004Cape OtwayQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VYCB737-800339912 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi04/12/2004Arnhem LandQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VYDB737-800339922 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi12/05/2005EudundaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYEB737-800339932 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi23/05/2005Alice SpringsQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYFB737-800339942 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi14/06/2005EvandaleQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYGB737-800339952 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi30/06/2005AustralindQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYHB737-800341802 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi18/11/2005QueanbeyanQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYIB737-800341812 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi10/01/2006Bathurst IslandQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYJB737-800341822 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi14/01/2006Cann RiverQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYKB737-800341832 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi20/01/2006MoreeQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYLB737-800341842 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi26/01/2006WangarattaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VYZB737-800342042 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD22/06/2011TorquayQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZAB737-800341952 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi09/02/2008Port AugustaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZBB737-800341962 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi30/05/2008Lake MacquarieQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZCB737-800341972 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi26/06/2008InnisfailQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZDB737-800341982 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi01/07/2008GeelongQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZEB737-800341992 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y Wifi13/07/2008BunburyQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZFB737-800341852 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD16/09/2009BallaratQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZGB737-800341902 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD23/09/2009YarralumlaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZHB737-800342002 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD21/10/2009WodenQANTAS Silver Roo
VH-VZIB737-800342012 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD01/02/2011BallinaQANTAS Silver Roo
VH-VZJB737-800342022 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD14/02/2011BowralQANTAS Silver Roo
VH-VZKB737-800342032 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD17/02/2011ProserpineQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZLB737-800341942 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD25/04/2011NewcastleQANTAS Silver Roo
VH-VZMB737-800341922 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD16/05/2011Bathurst QANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZOB737-800341912 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD09/07/2011BendigoQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZPB737-800393622 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD23/07/2011WhyallaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZQB737-800393572 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD18/08/2011BelconnenQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZRB737-800341932 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD31/08/2011Coral BayQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZSB737-800393582 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD15/09/2011TamworthQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZTB737-800341862 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD15/10/2011KalgoorlieQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZUB737-800341872 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD04/11/2011LorneQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZVB737-800341892 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD07/12/2011Palm CoveQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZWB737-800393592 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y AVOD28/12/2011BeaconsfieldQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-VZXB737-800341882 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI02/02/2012DaylesfordQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZYB737-800393632 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI01/03/2012TemoraQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-VZZB737-800394452 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI25/04/2012WalpoleQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XMBB737-300234782 x CFM56-3C1Freighter21/12/2006 QANTAS Freight
VH-XMLB737-300234862 x CFM56-3C1Freighter01/06/2007 QANTAS Freight Silver Roo (2016)
VH-XMOB737-300234882 x CFM56-3C1Freighter26/04/2006 QANTAS Freight
VH-XMRB737-300234902 x CFM56-3C1Freighter01/06/2006 QANTAS Freight
VH-XNHB737-400247962 x CFM56-3C1Freighter11/05/2017 QANTAS Freight
VH-XZAB737-800393672 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI22/08/2012LeetonQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZBB737-800393602 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI22/10/2012MudgeeQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZCB737-800393612 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI03/10/2012WalwaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZDB737-800393682 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI04/04/2013MoranbahQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZEB737-800393692 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI19/04/2013Pine CreekQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZFB737-800393702 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI10/05/2013CygnetQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZGB737-800393712 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI05/06/2013BungendoreQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZHB737-800393722 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI08/07/2013McLaren ValeQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZIB737-800393642 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI03/10/2013KalbarriQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZJB737-800393652 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI09/11/2013MendoorwoorrjiMendoorwoorrji
VH-XZKB737-800393662 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI05/12/2013CookQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZLB737-800445732 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI28/07/2014FlindersQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZMB737-800445742 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI04/08/2014CoonawarraQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZNB737-800445752 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI02/09/2014Wagga WaggaQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZOB737-800445762 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI06/10/2014LeichhardtQANTAS New 'Roo (2007)
VH-XZPB737-800445772 x CFMI CFM56-7B2612J/162Y BSI17/11/2014James StrongRetroRoo
VH-YQSB717-200551782 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y01/10/2013 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-YQTB717-200551792 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y04/11/2013 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-YQUB717-200551802 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y24/12/2013 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-YQVB717-200551932 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y07/03/2014 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-YQWB717-200551942 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y17/04/2014The Tassie DevilQANTASLink New 'Roo Discover Tasmania
VH-YQXB717-200550532 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y02/02/2016 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-YQYB717-200550562 x BMW RR BR71512J/98Y21/01/2016 QANTASLink New 'Roo
VH-ZNAB787-939038GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y17/10/2017Great Southern LandQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNBB787-939039GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y09/12/2017Waltzing MatildaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNCB787-939040GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y23/01/2018QuokkaQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNDB787-963390GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y28/02/2018Emily Kame KngwarreyeKam Dreaming
VH-ZNEB787-963391GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y30/06/2018SkippyQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNFB787-936239GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y18/08/2018BoomerangQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNGB787-936240GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y13/11/2018JillarooQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)
VH-ZNHB787-936241GEnx-1B42J/28W/166Y21/11/2018Great Barrier ReefQANTAS Silver 'Roo (2016)